Brendan Lee Young, CEO and co-founder of Passiv, and I chat about starting up the company, building a better product, enabling users to level up their finances, the future of wealth management and more!

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Key Takeaways

  • Passiv is like your own personalized robo advisor. It helps you manage your portfolio and maintain your target allocation. It calculates the trades you need based on the target allocation you set up, and users are able to buy with one click
  • It all started when co-founder Brendan Wood was following the Canadian Couch Potato method of ETF investing, and was tired of cumbersome Excel spreadsheets to rebalance his portfolio. When the two Brendan’s met, they discovered they both had the same problem and turns out many other people do too, so they built out Passiv to solve this problem
  • Getting quality user feedback is the key to building out a viable product

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