Mindful spending when it comes to retail shopping! My friend Wendy and I chat about ways to save money while still enjoying the shopping experience – she shares tips and tricks like making a list to determine if it’s really something you want vs. an impulse buy, and not to add on to your shopping cart just for the sake of free shipping. Wendy says it’s possible to be less materialistic without learning to unlove material goods.

Key Takeaways

  • Marketing is all around us and it’s unavoidable. The ads are becoming more targeted towards you as a consumer. Unfollow retail companies on social media because you’re essentially subscribing to their advertisements.
  • Use a wishlist – keep it on your phone or write it down – what it is and how much it costs, and go back to it, compare and contrast the items on the list, and cross off things you might now want as much
  • Buy now pay later allows people to use installment payments for retail purchases. They’re interest-free until you are late on a payment. You could potentially end up paying more for it.
  • Take good care of your clothes so they last longer and you value the money you put into it
  • Spend within your means

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