Today Gloria is joined by her friends Stephanie and Alexandra. They discuss budgeting habits, how to save money while grocery shopping, and some tips and tricks to make the most out of the food you buy. Hope this inspires others to reduce food waste, price match, and shop local! Steph’s favourite non-hobby hobby is grocery shopping, so you know that she has the best tips.

Ten tips to save you money while grocery shopping:

  1. Go in with a list – know what you need to get and stick to the list
  2. Take stock of what you already have to make sure you don’t buy the same thing you already have
  3. Price match! Download an app like Reebee or Flipp to see flyers, and shop at a grocery store that price match
  4. Instead of ordering in, pick something up from the grocery store to supplement what you already have and cook a fun meal at home – it makes you more excited to cook at home
  5. If there’s a farmer’s market in your area, go late in the day for discounts
  6. To reduce food waste, prep and freeze produce you’re not going to use so it’s ready for use in the future. Listen to the pod to find out what you can freeze – you might be surprised!
  7. Use Flashfood to reduce food waste and buy reduced items
  8. Buy house brand/generic brand instead of brand name
  9. Don’t shop while hungry!!
  10. Keep herbs in water (and switch water out each day) to increase shelf life

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