Welcome to SEASON TWO of MI$$ FINDEPENDENT!! I’m so excited to share this with you. In season one, we learned the basics of how to get our finances in order. In season two, Gloria will be opening the floor, using the podcast as a chill forum to normalize conversations about money.

Today she is joined by her friend Sachiko, who is building a campervan from scratch. They discuss Sachiko’s motivation behind the project, her relationship with money, budgeting for the build, and also budgeting for taking a year off to travel in the van. Hope this inspires others to get started on the project you have been thinking of starting – whether it is building a campervan of your own, beginning that marathon training, or starting a side hustle. Just do the damn thing!


Sachiko’s spreadsheet tools – have you seen her budgets?? You should take a look:

Road to Pitches on Youtube

Listen now:

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