This week’s episode is all about co-living, or shared housing! Derek Baker and I chat about what co-living is, how it differs from a traditional roomie or hostel situation, its benefits and drawbacks, how to determine if this is a living situation that is right for you, and find a place that is right for you. We also talk about how it looks like in a Covid environment, and Derek’s upcoming co-living plans (on a shoestring budget!)

I’ve always been curious about what the future would look like with regard to more of a sharing economy. There is a lack of affordable housing in major cities across North America, and along with that, people are feeling more isolated now, despite living amongst so many other people. Living in a space with others who are like-minded and share similar values would be a great way to make new connections without the hassle of having everyone on the same lease. Would co-living be the answer to this? As we chatted, I’ve become more convinced of the model.

Key Takeaways

  1. The co-living principle is shared living with the intent of creating intentional community and bringing together people with similar values and goals. Think urban hippie commune, but more luxurious.
  2. It is a great option for remote workers or digital nomads who want to have flexible living terms and travel – leases are typically one to three months in length, so you’re not tied down to one location for long periods of time.
  3. Co-living is a great option to reduce living costs in high cost of living cities and still have access to a comfortable living space with amenities. For example, linens are included as well as weekly professional cleaning of the common areas.
  4. There are private room and shared room options. The shared room options may differ but think upgraded hostel bunk beds.
  5. This is also a great option to travel for longer periods of time internationally. China and India have growing co-living communities, enabling you to stay in cities for longer than a few days or weeks, while still having the benefits of hostels (events, meeting people, location, etc.)
  6. Find co-living spaces through search engines that specialize in long-term stays such as:

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